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PF-01-0001: Protostellar collapse simulations in spherical geometry with dust coagulation and fragmentation.
Ugo Lebreuilly

PF-01-0002: Typical protostellar disks are massive and gravitationally unstable: Theory, obesevation, and implications for planet formation
Wenrui Xu

PF-01-0003: Azimuthal-drift streaming instabilities in accreting protoplanetary disks
Shiang-Chih Wang

PF-01-0004: The statistical properties and early dust evolution of protostellar discs
Matthew R. Bate

PF-01-0005: Substructure Formation in Embedded Disks with Filamentary Infall
Aleksandra Kuznetsova

PF-01-0006: Is grain growth taking place around the Cosmic Pretzel?
Carolina Agurto-Gangas, Laura Perez, Anibal Sierra, Felipe Alves, Paola Caselli

PF-01-0007: Dusty collapse: dust in protostellar disc formation
Francesco Lovascio

PF-01-0008: Development of a one-dimensional simulation code for the long-term evolution of protoplanetary disks
Yudai Kobayashi, Daisuke Takaishi, Yusuke Tsukamoto

PF-01-0009: Mapping the shape of circumbinary discs
Anna B. T. Penzlin, Jibin Joseph, Willy Kley

PF-01-0010: Growth and scattering of dust and pebbles during the formation of protoplanetary disks

PF-01-0011: Gap-opening Feedback on Protoplanetary Disk Thermal Structure
Kan Chen, Mihkel Kama, Paola Pinilla

PF-01-0012: SHAMROCK : a SPH multi-GPU code for high resolution simulations of discs & collapses.
Timothee David--Cleris

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