Planet Formation (PF): PF-03

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PF-03-0001: Studying Winds launched from Protoplanetary Disks using their forbidden emission spectra
Ahmad Nemer, Jeremy Goodman, Peter Melchior, ChangHoon Hahn, Jiaxuan Li, Andrea Banzatti

PF-03-0002: X-shooter survey of young intermediate-mass stars: Stellar characterization and disc evolution
Daniela Paz Iglesias, Olja Pani?, Mario van den Ancker, Monika G. Petr-Gotzens, Lionel Siess, Miguel Vioque, Ilaria Pascucci, Rene Oudmaijer, James Miley

PF-03-0003: Connecting the disk dispersal phase to magnetic morphology-driven stellar spin-down
Kristina Monsch, Jeremy J. Drake, Cecilia Garraffo, Giovanni Picogna, Barbara Ercolano

PF-03-0004: Subaru-HDS Observations of the Optical Forbidden Line Winds from DG Tau
Yu-Ru Chou, Hiro Takami, Shih-Ping Lai, Emma Whelan, Noah Benjamin Otten, Min Fang, Akito Tajitsu, Masaaki Otsuka, Hsien Shang, Chun-Fan Liu, Jennifer Lyanne Karr

PF-03-0005: Longevity of Hybrid Disks around Intermediate-Mass Stars
Riouhei Nakatani

PF-03-0006: The Hall Effect and Photoevaporative Outflows on Protoplanetary Disks
Eleftheria Sarafidou, Oliver Gressel, Giovanni Picogna, Barbara Ercolano

PF-03-0007: Luminosity transition disks as tracers of disk evolution
Karl Stapelfeldt

PF-03-0008: Investigating the effect of radiation pressure on protoplanetary disc dispersal
Alfie Robinson

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