The VLA Survey at High Angular Resolution of Disk Substructures (V-SHARDS)

Enrique Macias, Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez, Sean Andrews, Claire Chandler, Andrea Isella

The dust mass and particle size distribution of protoplanetary disks play a crucial role in the planet formation process. Our ability to characterize this dust content is, however, severely limited by the high optical depths at wavelengths up to 3 mm, especially in the inner tens of au. High spatial resolution observations at longer wavelengths are crucial to pierce through this optically thick regions. In this poster I will present the first preliminary results from V-SHARDS, a VLA Large Proposal aimed to perform extremely deep, high angular resolution observations at 9 mm of protoplanetary disks. The main goal of this project is to measure the dust mass, surface density, and particle size distribution of the protoplanetary disk and its substructures, providing key insights on the impact that these have on dust evolution and planet formation.