Protostars and Planets VII Pre-registration

Pre-registration is now available for Protostars and Planets VII meeting. This is NOT an official registration and you still need to sign up for the official registration when it is announced.

With this pre-registration, organizers will make a mailing list, to which announcements related to the conference will be posted. Organizers would also like to make an estimate of the number of potential participants to make preparation of the conference efficient. If you are interested in the PPVII conference, just click the link to the form below – it should take only 3 minutes.

Along with the pre-registration, we would like to collect your current intention of (a) the style of participation and (b) poster presentation. Currently, the organizers are planning to hold the conference as scheduled: 21st – 27th March 2022 (New dates TBA) April 10th – 15th of 2023 on site in Kyoto. Organizers consider creative and active discussion in person will play an important role in conferences in general, and in particular for Protostars and Planets VII, as critical discussion on each review talk will greatly improve the quality of the PPVII Book that will be published after the meeting. We would like to create a book that remains as a standard textbook for the next decade.

The situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is still very uncertain. The organizers are trying to carefully monitor the situation and looking for the best way to hold an interactive conference while preventing the spread of the virus. One of the ideas is to make the poster session online, so that we can keep the social distance during the conference. Postponing the dates of the physical meeting is still an option. We hope you and your family are well, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.