Protostars and Planets VII – Chapters

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1 The Life and Times of Giant Molecular Clouds

Melanie Chevance, Mark R. Krumholz, Anna F. McLeod, Eve C. Ostriker, Erik W. Rosolowsly, Amiel Sternberg


The Solar Neighborhood in the Age of Gaia

Catherine Zucker, Joao Alves, Alyssa Goodman, Stefan Meingast, Phillip Galli


Star formation in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way

Jonathan Henshaw, Ashley Barnes, Cara Battersby, Adam Ginsburg, Mattia Sormani, Daniel Walker


OB Associations

Nicholas Wright, Simon Goodwin, Rob Jeffries, Marina Kounkel,  Eleonora Zari


Initial Conditions for Star Formation: A Physical Description of the Filamentary ISM

Alvaro Hacar, Susan Clark, Daniel Seifried, Gina Panopoulou, Rowan Smith, Jouni Kainulainen, Fabian Heitsch


Magnetic Fields in Star Formation: From Clouds to Cores

Kate Pattle, Laura Fissel, Mehrnoosh Tahani, Tie Liu, Evangelia Ntormousi


From Bubbles and Filaments to Cores and Disks: Gas Gathering and Growth of Structure Leading to the Formation of Solar Systems

Jaime E. Pineda, Doris Arzoumanian, Philippe André, Rachel K. Friesen, Annie Zavagno, Seamus D. Clarke, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Che-Yu Chen, Yueh-Ning Lee, Juan D. Soler, Michael Kuffmeier


The Origin and Evolution of Multiple Star Systems

Stella S. R. Offner, Maxwell Moe, Eric L. N. Jensen, Kaitlin M. Kratter, Sarah I. Sadavoy, John J. Tobin


A Revised Paradigm of the Role of Magnetic Fields for Disk Formation and Outflow Driving towards an Understanding of the First Stage of Planet Formation

Yusuke Tsukamoto, Anaelle Maury, Benoit Commercon, Felipe O Alves, Erin Guilfoil Cox, Nami Sakai, Tom Ray, Bo Zhao, Masahiro Machida


Accretion Variability as a Guide to Stellar Mass Assembly

William J. Fischer, Michael M. Dunham, Gregory J. Herczeg, Lynne Hillenbrand, Doug Johnstone, Agnes Kospal


Organic Chemistry in the First Phases of Solar-Like Protostars

Cecilia Ceccarelli, Claudio Codella, Nadia Balucani, Dominique Bockelee-Morvan, Cecile Favre, Eric Herbst, Bertrand Lefloch, Charlotte Vastel, Satoshi Yamamoto, Paola Caselli, Karin Oberg


A Theoretical Perspective of Structured Distribution of the Gas and Solids in Protoplanetary Disks

Jaehan Bae, Andrea Isella, Rebecca Martin, Satoshi Okuzumi, Scott Suriano, Zhaohuan Zhu

Hydro-, Magnetohydro-, and Dust-Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks

G. Lesur, B. Ercolano, M. Flock, M.-K. Lin, C.-C. Yang, J. A. Barranco, P. Benitez-Llambay, J. Goodman, A. Johansen, H. Klahr, G. Laibe, W. Lyra, P. Marcus, R. P. Nelson, J. Squire, J. B. Simon, N. Turner, O.M. Umurhan, A. N. Youdin


Setting the Stage for Planet Formation: Measurements and Implications of the Fundamental Disk Properties

Anna Miotello, Inga Kamp, Til Birnstiel, Ilse Cleeves, Akimasa Kataoka


Demographics of Young Stars and Their Protoplanetary Disks: Lessons Learned on Disk Evolution and Its Connection to Planet Formation

Carlo F. Manara, Megan Ansdell,  Giovanni P. Rosotti, A. Meredith Hughes, Philip Armitage, Giuseppe Lodato, Jonathan P. Williams


The Role of Disk Winds in the Evolution and Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks

Ilaria Pascucci, Sylvie Cabrit, Suzan Edwards, Uma Gorti, Oliver Gressel, Takeru Suzuki

Near-Infrared View of Planet-Forming Disks and Protoplanets

Myriam Benisty, Carsten Dominik, Kate Follette, Antonio Garufi, Christian Ginski, Jun Hashimoto, Miriam Keppler, Willy Kley, John Monnier


Kinematic Structures in Planet-Forming Disks

Christophe Pinte, Simon Casassus, Stefano Facchini, Kevin Flaherty, Cassandra Hall, Richard Teague


Planet-Disk Interactions and Orbital Evolution

Sijme-Jan Paardekooper, Paul Duffell, Frederic S. Masset, Gordon Ogilvie, Hidekazu Tanaka, Ruobing Dong, Jeffrey Fung


Planet Formation Theory in the Era of ALMA and Kepler: From Pebbles to Exoplanets

Joanna Drazkowska, Gijs D. Mulders, Daniel Harsono, Beibei Liu, Chris W. Ormel, Michiel Lambrechts, Bertram Bitsch, Allona Vazan, Katherine Kretke, Alessandro Morbidelli


Short-Lived Radionuclides in Meteorites and the Sun’s Birth Environment

Steve Desch, Edward Young, Emilie Dunham, Yusuke Fujimoto, Daniel Dunlap


Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planets

Thayne Currie, Beth Biller, Anne-Marie Lagrange, Christian Marois, Eric Nielsen, Olivier Guyon, Mickael Bonnefoy, Robert De Rosa


Exoplanet Science from the Kepler mission

Jack Lissauer, Natalie Batalha, William Borucki


Architectures of Compact Multi-Planet Systems

Lauren Michelle Weiss, Sarah Millholland, Erik A. Petigura, Anthony Bloch, Konstantin Batygin, Fred C. Adams, Christoph Mordasini


Geophysical Evolution During Rocky Planet Formation

Laura K. Schaefer, Rebecca A. Fischer, Miki Nakajima, Tim Lichtenberg


Giant Planets from the Inside-Out

Tristan Guillot, Leigh N. Fletcher, Ravit Helled, Masahiro Ikoma, Michael R. Line, Vivien Parmentier


Exploration-Based Reconstruction of Planetesimals

Sei-ichiro Watanabe, Masatoshi Hirabayashi, Masahiko Arakawa, Seiji Sugita, William F. Bottke, Patrick Michel


Chemical Habitability: Supply and Retention of Life’s Essential Elements During Planet Formation

Sebastiaan Krijt, Mihkel Kama, Melissa McClure, Johanna Teske, Edwin Bergin, Oliver Shorttle, Kevin Walsh, Sean Raymond


The Isotopic Links from Planet Forming Regions to the Solar System

Hideko Nomura, Kenji Furuya, Martin A. Cordiner, Steven B. Charnley, C.M.O’D. Alexander, Conor A. Nixon, Viviana V. Guzman, Hisayoshi Yurimoto, Takashi Tsukagoshi, Takahiro Iino