Important Announcements

Dear Participants of Protostars and Planets VII,

It is just one month before the start of the in-person meeting of PP7 on April 10. We have important announcements as follows:
– Schedule and Deadlines
– Payment of Registration and *Reception Fees
– Travel Information
– Invitation Letters and Visa
– COVID-19 Policy
– *Welcome Reception
– Program and Final List of Posters
– Poster Printing Service
– Childcare Services
– Local Tourism
– Attention to Scam E-mails

[Schedule and Deadlines]
All dates are Japanese Standard Time (JST):
– March 15th: Childcare Reservation
– April 2nd: Reservation and Payment for Welcome Reception
*see below for welcome reception
– April 5th: Registration and Payment for PPVII Attendance
– April 10th: Start of PPVII meeting

[Payment of Registration and *Reception Fees]
All the participants MUST pay the registration fee online to attend the in-person meeting. The deadline for the payment of registration fee is April 5th, JST. Your registration will be canceled if you do not pay before the deadline. While the deadline is April 5th, we would greatly appreciate it if you could pay the fee as soon as possible so that we can estimate the number of the participants accurately.

We will also hold a welcome reception on the evening of April 10th (see below). This is optional and we collect the fee separately (5,000JPY per person).

To make payments, log on to the registration system, “AMARYS”, and follow the instructions.
If you are not sure if you have registered before, do not start new registration but contact us at:

[Travel Information]
We provide the travel information from major international airports to the conference venue below.

Note that Japan still requires all travelers flying into Japan to be fully vaccinated (3 doses) or provide a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of the departure of the flight. For smooth travel, install the “Visit Japan Web” application on your smartphone and pre-register your travel information. Please see the government website below:

Also, we recommend that you make a hotel reservation as soon as possible, because it is a tourist season. You can find many options along the Subway Karasuma line between K07 Marutamachi station and K12 Kujo station. There are many hotel booking websites available:
– Agoda:
– Expedia:
– Jalan:
– Rakuten Travel:

[Invitation Letters and Visa]
For those who need invitation letters and/or documents for visa application, read the instruction at:
and request through the Google Form (recommended) in the page or e-mail.

Visa-related inquiries should be directed to:

[COVID-19 Policy]
The Japanese government will largely relax the restriction due to COVID-19 soon. In particular, a new “Appropriate Mask Usage” policy will be introduced from March 13th. However, it is still categorized as a Category II Infectious Disease, which means the strong control is still in effect.

In order to protect all the participants and ensure smooth organization of the conference, we cordially request all the participants to follow our policy. Our reactions to COVID-19 are the following:
– The conference venue is GBAC STAR certified, and we are following the standard COVID-19 measures of Japan and the conference venue.
– We will provide a package of seven masks and a bottle of hand-sanitizer to all the participants. The masks are standard nonwoven fabric masks which satisfy the regulation in Japan, and we request all the participants to wear masks inside the conference venue.
– We will monitor the body temperature of participants at the entrance.
– We will ask participants who feel sick or show symptoms to self-isolate at the hotel and follow the COVID-19 regulation. Please report us immediately if you feel sick or you are tested positive. We will provide Zoom connections for those who are in self-quarantine.

For details, please take a look at our COVID-19 information page, which will be available soon. We will post information about clinics, pharmacies where you can get test kits, etc. Also, you can find more information on the government website: .

[*Welcome Reception]
We will hold a reception in the evening of the first day after the sessions. Light meals and beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks) are served.

Venue: Room “Swan” at Kyoto International Conference Center
Date & Time: Monday, April 10, 18:00-20:00 (after sessions)
Price: 5,000 JPY (tax included)

The original registration fee does not include reception, so we collect the reception fee separately. Participation is, of course, optional. The reservations and payments should be done by April 2 (JST) through the registration system. The cancellation on or after March 27 (JST) is non-refundable.

[Program and Final List of Posters]
The updated program is available at:
In addition to the review talks, there will be a special session about the latest JWST results on Wednesday afternoon.  Speakers are:
    Ewine van Dishoeck, “Astrochemistry with JWST”
    Thomas Henning, “Star and Planet Formation with JWST”
    Charles Beichman, “Exoplanets with JWST”

And the final list of posters is available at:

We have coordinated posters from six groups:
    HKSFG:  SF-02-1XXX
    ALMAGAL:  SF-05-2XXX
    ALMA-IMF:  SF-05-3XXX
    Early Planet Formation in Embedded Disks (eDisk):  PF-04-4XXX
    The MIRI mid-INfrared Disk Survey (MINDS):  PF-04-5XXX
    NOMADS:  ES-03-6XXX

[Poster Printing Service]
We will provide an optional poster printing service through a private company (Kinko’s), which will print your poster and bring it to the conference venue for a fee (about 100USD/100EUR). We will let you know the details when the service is ready.

[Childcare Services]
Deadline for the reservation of childcare services is March 15th JST.  The fee for childcare is 10,000 JPY per family per day (and half-day prices are available).  Reservations can be done through:
You will receive announcements regarding payment after you make reservations.

[Local Tourism]
There is no excursion, but we will have a travel information desk at the conference site.
In addition, here are some useful links for sightseeing.

    – Sunrise Tours offers a wide range of tours featuring approximately 400 courses with a focus on recommended popular destinations in Japan for people of all ages who enjoy seeing the sights, experiencing culture, and being amidst nature.

*Sharing Kyoto:
    – A sightseeing website offering unique cultural experiences in Kyoto. Restaurant reservation service is available!
    – A local concierge will propose a unique and original Kyoto experience just for you. Tours of Wagyu beef and Kaiseki restaurants are out of reach for travelers!

[Attention to Scam E-mails]
There are many phishing attempts reported in other conferences. We do not arrange accommodations for participants, and all the communications should be sent from the organizing committee or JTB (the travel agency operating the registration system) by emails, or posted on Mattermost. Please be aware of scam attempts, and do not respond to such emails. If you receive a suspicious or questionable email, please report it to us at


We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.

Best wishes,
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of PP7 organizers


CORRECTED: Coordinated Poster Survey

Dear All

Thank you very much for submitting the poster abstracts. The total number of posters at PPVII is 654.
You can find the list of poster titles with preliminary numbers at (MS-Excel):

Some people contacted organizers that they have several posters from a large collaboration.
We will try to sort such posters consecutively and try to put up side by side in the poster room.


– The posters numbered consecutively should be in the same subcategory (e.g., SF-01)
– The grouping of posters are done for large collaboration only, with at least several institutes participating
– For posters having multiple subcategories, we allocate the subcategory that belongs to the chosen main category (SF/PF/ES)
– In order to avoid confusion, we do not accept requests to change the subcategory

Use the form below to share the list of posters with us:

Please coordinate within the collaboration and submit the request only once.

We have started making a conference brochure, so we hope to have the information quickly.
We appreciate your responses by *Saturday, 4th March*.
Note that the link to the preliminary list of posters will not be available after 5th March JST.

Best wishes,

Childcare Service Reservations

We provide childcare services at the conference. The childcare is available at the conference site and available from 9am to 18pm every day. The fee for childcare per family per day is:

10,000 JPY for All Day (9am-18pm)
5,000 JPY for AM Only (9am-13pm)
6,000 JPY for PM Only (13am-18pm)

Reservation can be done through the Google Form.
The deadline for childcare reservations is March 15th:

You will be contacted about the payment from the company operating the registration system once you have done reservations.

For the details of childcare, contact:

Slight extension of poster submission deadline

Dear (pre-)registered participants of Protostars and Planet VII (PP7),

We slightly extend the deadline of the application for the poster presentation at PP7 to the noon 12:00 of February 20 (Mon) of Japan (JST=UTC+9). If you missed the deadline, please finish the application as soon as possible. Thank you.

Best wishes, PP7 organizers

Updating Email Address

Dear PPVII Participants

The contact emails from PPVII will be delivered based on the email address you have registered on mattermost. If you have changed your e-mail address due to a change of affiliation or other reasons, please be sure to change your e-mail address on mattermost as well as on the registration system.

Please log in the mattermost for PPVII and set your new email address in your profile settings.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Reminder of PP7 Poster Abstract Deadline (February 15) and Childcare Pre-announcement

Dear Participants of Protostars and Planets VII,

The deadline (February 15) for the application to poster presentation at Protostars and Planets VII (PP7) is approaching. It is also the deadline for early bird payment. Please visit the following website if you have not yet finished them.


Please note that you can submit the poster abstract by February 15 without payment and you can pay the *regular* registration fee later by April 5.

We will also provide childcare services at PPVII meeting.
The fee for childcare per day per family is:
   AM (9:00-13:00)  JPY 5000
   PM (13:00-18:00)  JPY 6000
   All Day (9:00-18:00)  JPY 10,000
The childcare staff can speak English. We are preparing the form for reservations so please wait for further announcement.

Best wishes,
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of PP7 organizers

Feb 15: Deadline for poster presentation and early bird payment for Protostars and Planets VII (PP7)

Dear Participants of Protostars and Planets VII,

February 15 is the deadline for the application to poster presentation and early bird payment for Protostars and Planets VII (PP7).
Please visit the following website if you have not yet finished them. Thank you.

Best wishes,
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of PP7 organizers

Call for poster presentation and registration fee payment

Dear Registered Participants of PP7,

We are happy to announce that we now accept payment of the registration fee and poster abstract submission. We apologize for any inconvenience due to the delay of this announcement. At present the total number of the registered participants is 629 and it’s still increasing. We reserved a very large room for poster presentations. Now the border control of Japan is almost the same as that before COVID-19 pandemic if you are vaccinated three times or more.

The dates of the PP7 in-person meeting are fixed: from April 10th to 15th, 2023. We ask the participants to pay the registration fee online prior to the meeting. The payment of the registration fee and the submission of poster abstract should be done using the AMARYS system:
or the link at the bottom of the “registration” page of PP7 web site.

N.B. Use the log-in ID you already obtained. Go to the “Log-in” button at the bottom right of the webpage. Do NOT start New Registration if you have already registered and obtained the login ID.

[Further Details]
N.B. All Dates/Times are in Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

– Registration Fee and Deadlines
The standard registration fee is 55,000 JPY for early-bird registration (before 15th Feb.) and 60,000 JPY for regular registration. The deadline of the payment is April 5th, 2023. We offer discount for non-tenured faculty/staff/postdocs and students. See “Application Procedures” in the AMARYS page for details of the discount. For those who have recently graduated or acquired positions, pay the fee in accordance with your current position. Please also edit the personal information on the AMARYS system. (The function for issuing the receipt of the registration fee is unavailable for a moment. We are working on this and make it available as soon as possible.)

The registration fee includes the participation to the in-person meeting of PP7 and the shipping of the PP7 book. We collect the shipping information at the payment of the registration fee. The shipping information will then be shared with the publisher, Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP).

– Poster Abstract
We accept poster presentations at PP7 meeting. The abstract of the poster can be submitted through the AMARYS system, with the deadline of February 15th, 2023. The poster abstract should be less than 300 words and the number of posters is limited to one per person. The poster size will be A0 in a portrait layout. If the number of poster submission exceeds the capacity of the poster room, we will switch the posters during the week of the meeting.

– Visa Application
We will issue invitation letters for those who need visa to visit Japan. We plan to start accepting application in mid-November.

Best wishes,
The PP7 Organizers