Important information before the meeting

Dear participants of Protostars and Planets VII (PP7),

Now the total number of the paid participants of PP7 is 780. We really look forward to meeting all of you. We announce very important information below.

[Electronic Version of PP7 Book]

We have done proof checking multiple times for most of the chapters. We are uploading the final PDF on PP7 Mattermost. We really apologize for a few chapters of which the final versions are still missing, but we will try to upload them as soon as the publisher and the authors agree on the final proof.

These files are for PP7 participants only. Do not redistribute. Thank you for your understanding.

[Webinar for JWST Session]

We have a special session for the recent JWST observations. We have decided to open JWST Session to public. We will also upload the video of this session shortly after the recording. The link to the webinar registration is the following:

Please share this information with your colleagues who have not registered to PP7.

[Poster Abstract List]

The abstracts of the poster presentations are now available on the website

[Poster Presentation]

You will use pins to put your poster in the poster presentation room. The maximum size is A0 portrait.

We also encourage you to upload your poster to Mattermost. Please post your poster file on the corresponding poster channel with a hashtag of your poster number, such as #SF_11_0005 . Be sure to replace “-“ used in the poster number with “_” for the hashtag to function properly. Discussion of each poster should be done via replies to each post.

[3 Sets of “OHP on Table” in Poster Room]

We provide 3 meeting tables (180cm x 90cm) in the poster room. We are planning to place an overhead projector in each table so that you can freely give a short presentation to other participants using the white wall in the poster presentation room. They are meant to be shared by participants. So please don’t occupy them more than ~15 minutes.

[Poster Award Voting]

We will determine the poster award winner by the voting from all the in-person participants. Each participant can vote only to a single poster shown in PP7. Of course, you may vote to your poster. The deadline for voting is 10:00AM (JST) of April 14 (Fri). The detail of the voting will be given to you on April 10 (Mon).


Mattermost accounts for non-attendees of the conference have been deactivated because the deadline for registration fees has passed. If you have paid the registration fee but are still unable to log in to Mattermost due to our mistake, please contact us at

If you are logging into Mattermost for the first time, you may find the system messages very annoying. If this is the case, you can suppress the display of system messages in your user preferences. Click on the Settings (Gear) button in the upper right corner, go to “Advanced” and then edit “Enable Join/Leave Messages” to Off.

[PP7 E-mail]

PP7 contact emails are delivered from, ***, and *** Please configure your settings to accept e-mails from the above domains. In addition, there are cases where spam is identified at the institutional level, so in such cases, please contact the institution that receives the e-mail delivery.

All contact emails will be posted on the announcement channel of Mattermost, so please check the channel regularly:

In addition, contact e-mails are delivered based on the e-mail address registered on the Mattermost. If your email address changed for some reason, please update your email address registered on the Mattermost using the profile settings.  Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen (just to the right of the gear symbol) and select the “Email” tab in it. Then, you can update your Email address.

We hope you have a safe trip to Kyoto. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of the PP7 organizers