COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Policy

The Japanese government will largely relax the restriction due to COVID-19 soon. In particular, a new “Appropriate Mask Usage” policy will be introduced from March 13th.  However, it is still categorized as a Category II Infectious Disease, which means the strong control is still in effect.

In order to protect all the participants and ensure smooth organization of the conference, we cordially request all the participants to follow our policy. Our reactions to COVID-19 are the following:  

  – The conference venue is GBAC STAR certified, and we are following the standard COVID-19 measures of Japan and the conference venue. 

  – We will provide a package of seven masks and a bottle of hand-sanitizer to all the participants.  The masks are standard nonwoven fabric masks which satisfy the regulation in Japan, and we request all the participants to wear masks inside the conference venue. 

  – We will monitor the body temperature of participants at the entrance.

  – We will ask participants who feel sick or show symptoms to self-isolate at the hotel and follow the COVID-19 regulation. Please report us immediately if you feel sick or you are tested positive. We will provide zoom connections for those who are in self-quarantine.

Also, you can find more information on the government website: .


Emergency Contact

In case of a medical emergency, call 119. If you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms, please call Kyoto COVID-19 Medical Consultation Center +81-75-414-5487 first (24 hours, multilingual) and follow their instructions. If you have travel insurance, it is a good idea to ask them for support. Do not hesitate to contact us If you need help (e.g. translation).

If you do not have symptoms but want/need to take a PCR test, some clinics offer same-day tests. Also, the Kinoshita-Group PCR test center (, in the FurtherPass network) near Shijo-Kawaramachi station offers PCR/Antigen tests at low prices. 

If you got COVID-19, please report it to us at Any other concerns about your health, safety, and travel, please contact us at (replace _AT_ by @)  In case of emergency, call +81-50-3160-7351 (LOC co-chairs).


Where to get a PCR test (Updated on March 31st, 2023)

1) Kinoshita-Group PCR test center
– Reservation: Reservations can be made on the website (; Japanese only).
– Languages: Japanese only
– Time to receive results: 1 day for the PCR test, 30 min for the antigen test
– How to receive results and negative certifications: Issued on the website.
– Payment: Credit cards or IC cards. Cash is not accepted.
– Opening hours: Daily from 12:00 to 17:00.
– Web page:

2) Kyoto Takeda hospital
– Reservation: Reservations can be made by phone up to one day in advance (Japanese or English with translation tools).
– Languages: English with translation tools
– Time to receive results: Around noon of the next day. Express option is available to receive results in 1 day with an additional fee.
– How to receive results and negative certifications: You need to visit the hospital in person to receive the result and the certification.
– Payment: Cash and credit cards.
– Opening hours: PCR tests are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only at 9:00 am.
– Web page:


Where to get a COVID-19 test kit (Updated on March 31st, 2023)

The stores listed below are just examples. Feel free to consult us if you need more information.

1) DACS Takaragaike Sakyo Store Kyoto (near to the venue)
– Web site:
– Google map:

2) DRUG Yutaka Takaragaike (near to the venue)
– Web site: (Japanese only)
– Google map:

3) Kokumin Drug Kyoto PORTA Station Building
– Web site:
– Google map:

4) QOL Kyoto Gojo
– Web site: (Japanese only)
– Google map:

5) DACS Karasuma Shimogyo Store Kyoto
– Web site:
– Google map:

6) FALCO Karasuma Oike
– Web site: (Japanese only)
– Google map:


Checklist for event organizers (Japanese Only)