CORRECTED: Coordinated Poster Survey

Dear All

Thank you very much for submitting the poster abstracts. The total number of posters at PPVII is 654.
You can find the list of poster titles with preliminary numbers at (MS-Excel):

Some people contacted organizers that they have several posters from a large collaboration.
We will try to sort such posters consecutively and try to put up side by side in the poster room.


– The posters numbered consecutively should be in the same subcategory (e.g., SF-01)
– The grouping of posters are done for large collaboration only, with at least several institutes participating
– For posters having multiple subcategories, we allocate the subcategory that belongs to the chosen main category (SF/PF/ES)
– In order to avoid confusion, we do not accept requests to change the subcategory

Use the form below to share the list of posters with us:

Please coordinate within the collaboration and submit the request only once.

We have started making a conference brochure, so we hope to have the information quickly.
We appreciate your responses by *Saturday, 4th March*.
Note that the link to the preliminary list of posters will not be available after 5th March JST.

Best wishes,