New schedule

Dear Pre-Registered Participants of Protostars and Planets VII,

We hope you remain safe and doing well under this difficult situation.

Sorry for this late announcement of the new schedule of the in-person meeting of PP7. We determined the dates of the in-person meeting at Kyoto to be 10-15 April 2023. We were discussing various issues with SAC members and now propose the following procedures for PP7.

(a) We will start the official registration in March April 2022, but we will wait for the payment of registration fee until autumn of 2022.

(b) The PP7 chapter authors are finishing the revision process. We upload the revised (but not yet final) chapter manuscripts on a restricted webpage or Mattermost (similar to Slack) as soon as we receive them. Officially registered participants can make comments on each chapter manuscript through Mattermost. The deadline for giving comments will be the end of June 2022.

(c) We request the chapter authors to make a short video presentation to summarize their chapter in March 2022. We will upload those video on Mattermost or somewhere. We hope this will provide advertisement of each chapter and accelerate the communication in the community. We strictly request the registered participants to make comments based on what is written in the chapter manuscript, not on the video presentation. The video presentation should be used just as an introduction to each chapter.

(d) The authors will revise their chapter manuscript according to the comments from the registered participant and re-submit the final manuscript by September 15 of 2022. We will send the book manuscript to the publisher shortly after this.

(e) We will organize the in-person meeting of PP7 at Kyoto in the period of April 10th – 15th (6 days) of 2023. Each chapter has one slot for the oral talk and we welcome poster presentations from participants, as in the previous Protostars and Planets Series. Some additional oral talks on recent results may be considered. We are still discussing details of the format of the in-person meeting.

We would thank you again for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at Kyoto in April 2023.

With best regards,
Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, on behalf of PP7 Editors