Pre-registration is open

Pre-registration for Protostars and Planets VII meeting is now open here. You can also visit the page from the Pre-registration tab in the navigation menu (Upper right of the web page).

This is NOT an official registration for the PPVII meeting. You still need to register once the official registration is open.

The purpose for pre-registration is twofold:

  • to create an e-mail list for those interested. Once you pre-register, you will be automatically added to the list, to which we send updates on the PPVII meeting. Please check your email filtering so that you can receive e-mails from us.
  • to estimate the number of participants and collect community’s view on the format of the meeting. The COVID-19 situation in Japan is still not clear, but we are looking for the best way to facilitate active discussion, leading to the production of a high quality book.